Satisfaction is Hot Air ballooning

Have you considered a job in the hot air balloon industry?…

If you are sitting at your desk, staring at your computer monitor while your eyes slowly dry out in the airconditioning, or vacantly resting your head in your cupped hand whilst you catch a microsleep as you procrastinate over making that phonecall, maybe its time to re-evaluate your job satisfaction.
Ballooning has its ups and downs. In fact, ballooning is the business of ups and downs. As a nightowl, ballooning is not recommended. Early morning starts necessitate early bedtimes in order that you are sharp and ready to take it all in.
And that’s the downside!
The upside is that early dawn is simply the best time to be up and about. In Cairns and Port Douglas, in the middle of summer, when the humidity is high and the temperatures hot, the best time to be up and about is when life is awakening and the sun is rising.
Hot Air ballooning offers so many varied roles that there is probably a job out there for you. In larger operations, there are requirements for ground crew, pilots, photographers, drivers, guides, sales and marketing staff, reservations team members, and various other operational roles.
I highly recommend working for a hot air balloon company for job satisfaction. From meeting people from around the world and sharing some of their stories, to running across fields to assist with a landing, to packing up the balloon after the flight, enjoying the sumptuous breakfast with champagne for our guests, to taking orders for the one-of-a-kind photos from the morning, to organising operations for the next day – there is always something different to do, and it is never the same. Each day brings a new flight path, a new group of eager excited faces, shaking off their slumber as they board the transfer bus to the launch site.
So if you’re sitting there at your computer, watching that stray dog wander aimlessly across the road, turn your attention to Google and have a look for hot air balloon
If you’re planning on visiting Cairns or Port Douglas or the Atherton Tablelands in the near future, book a flight and experience a flight – it could be the beginning of a whole new career!

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