Fun times with Hot Air and Koalaing for Ellen!

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Hot Air Balloon Cairns jumps on board with Ellen TV Degeneres Koalaing video...

Koalaing and Hot Air Ballooning in CairnsJohanna is Koalaing for the Ellen Show Our Hot Air Balloon Pilot posing for Koalaing

American visitor, Johanna Mantilla, wants to convince Ellen Degeneres to fly her Mum, Brother and Sister down as part of the Ellen TV show audience of 400 that are being flown to Australia in March and she thought hot air ballooning in Cairns, in Australia’s biggest koala might do the trick.

Johanna, from Miami, is filming a series of koalaing videos for the Ellen show. Koalaing is the fad like planking, where a person wraps their legs around someone/something like a koala would hug a tree, with the fad shown on websites, newspapers and twitter all over America.

Hot Air Balloon Cairns, flew Johanna this morning on one of the best days of the year, with the Australian sunrise being one of the most spectacular for the year.

Johanna is filming a range of videos, recently she was filmed koalaing with Matt Cooper of St.George’s Illawarra Dragons but she is hoping that the filming of Hot Air Balloon's koala balloon, west of the Great Barrier Reef, showing blue skies and the fleet of hot air balloons and the Koala hot air balloon will win her the extra tickets for her family flying over to Australia with the Ellen Degeneres TV audience.

“Flying with Hot Air Balloon Cairns was a phenomenal experience, I’m hoping this will be the video to convince the Ellen TV show team” Johanna said. You can see a video of koalaing at

Koalaing is a basket of fun!Johanna gives the thumbs up to Hot Air Ballooning CairnsIt's Koalaing fun in a Hot Air Balloon, Cairns, AustraliaHot Air Balloons Cairns