A Million Questions

HAB - Admin

There are a million questions that could be asked about hot air ballooning. However, there are a few standard questions that are asked on a regular basis almost every day. Some of these, along with their quick answers are;

Will it be cold when I am flying?
Generally speaking, it will be no colder than when you are on the ground, just prior to boarding. In fact, it will probably be warmer. As the balloon moves with the wind, there is virtually no windchill once you are flying. Similarly, the burners produce heat when used in flight.
What do I wear?
It is recommended that you dress as if going for a light bushwalk. Sometimes we take off from farmer’s paddocks, and in the pre-dawn dark it is better to be wearing covered footwear than high heels!
Can I take my backpack on with me?
The simple answer here is that no loose luggage can be taken on board your flight. It is asked that all bags are left on the bus which will then follow your flight. When you land your bus will be parked as near as possible, and you can once again access your belongings.
I’m scared of heights - how will I go?
Most people who have a fear of heights and have flown with us have said how amazed they were that they managed to enjoy their flight! Hot air ballooning is an incredibly calm and safe experience, and the sensation of balloon flight does not appear to affect people with a fear of heights as much as other experiences. That being said, YOU are the only person who can make the final call here - if you are seriously concerned about how you will go, we would recommend our spectator option.
I forgot my camera! Do you take any photos?
Yes! Fret not! Our pilots take inflight shots from a remotely controlled camera that hangs from the side of the balloon. Similarly, your crew will take personal photos of you and your travelling partner(s) prior to take off. You can view and purchase all available photos from your day of travel from our photo website at www.hotair.info
For more facts and answers to your questions, have a look at our Q & A page at http://www.hotair.com.au/about-us/faqs.html