• What about Vertigo - I hate heights?

    A Hot Air Balloon flight is very gentle and stable and because you start from the ground and gently lift up, rather than looking off the edge of a building - there is quiet a different sensation. 

    We recommend you try it – so many of our passengers attest to how surprised at how comfortable and safe they felt flying with Hot Air.

  • What do I bring on a morning, hot air ballooning?

    Dress as for a casual walk in the bush, sensible sturdy shoes are recommended. We suggest you bring sunglasses, a hat/cap and dress in layered clothing. During the morning as the sun comes up, the day will become warmer.

    Remember there is so much to see from an entirely new perspective, you will want to record it all to relive later, your own camera or video camera are welcomed on board. Don’t forget your cash or credit card (M, V) for that extra special souvenir of your fantastic hot air balloon experience.

    Of course if you choose to add on another Cairns Tour or Gold Coast Tour such as a Gold Coast Theme Park or a Great Barrier Reef tour after ballooning, please bring your swimming outfit, a change of clothes, sunscreen and towel

  • Are the balloon flights at sunrise? Will I see the Sunrise?

    Hot Air Balloon flights in Australia are at dawn because this is the time of day that provides the optimum weather conditions for launching balloons. 

    Depending on many operational factors, which vary each day, passengers may be on the ground during inflation or in the balloon when the sun is actually coming over the horizon or rising. 

    Viewing of "Sunrise"  is not guaranteed therefore,  as different people have a different perception of what this is likely to be,  although either way, the Australian sky during the first hour of light is always amazing and you will see an amazing dawn.