Gold Coast Weather Forecast and Radar for Hot Air


Blessed by the year round warmth of Queenslands' climate,  Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast has chosen one of the best flying areas in the country for your flight, and we watch the weather cycles closely for you.  In fact flying just inland in the Gold Coast Hinterland gives us a much more reliable takeoff record than coastal  flights which can be more easily affected by coastal wind and ocean weather patterns.  We cancel very few flights per year due to the weather but your saftey will come first in all instances.     Our team of pilots are experts in the weather and talk daily with the local Beauru of Meterology office to get the very best weather information suplemented by our own local weather balloons and local observations,  in particular afternoon and evening thunderstorms which are common in the area in summer normally pass by overnight leaving blue skies the next morning.

We appreciate the opportunity to be in touch with you and so please leave us your contact phone details on your booking so that we may call you if needed.