Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father’s Day Gifts can be hard to find.  There’s no need to keep searching… A hot air balloon ride and O’Reilly’s Vineyard tour is the prefect gift experience to give dad this Father’s Day!

Giving a Hot Air Balloon Ride and O’Reilly’s Vineyard Champagne Breakfast Gift Voucher to Dad on Father’s Day is a great idea. Definitely something he will always remember and a Father’s Day Gift that totally stands out.

Choose to fly with your Dad on Father’s Day or if you would rather join him for the Champagne Breakfast after the flight, we can arrange that too.

Did you know, that on Father’s Day 50% of Father’s Day cards are given to dads by sons and daughters and 20% are given by wives and 30% are given by relatives and friends to anyone who is a father, according to Gift Card statistics. And the most popular types of Father’s Day cards are “dad from daughter” cards.

Millions of Father’s Day cards are given out on the day, imagine giving Dad his card with a Ballooning & O’Reilly’s Vineyard Champagne Breakfast Gift Voucher inside it. Just wait for the smiles and wow, I’ve always wanted to do that (our statistics show 86% of Dad’s say that!)

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast and Hot Air Balloon Brisbane Gift Vouchers are valid one year, so Dad can choose to fly any day that suits him.

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