• What are Hot Air Balloons made of?

    The Balloon "Envelope" of the big bag on top !  are made of rip-stop nylon supported on an air-frame of wires and high grade webbings and brought together at the top with a "crown ring" holding it all in place 
    The hot air balloon basket is generally made of high grade woven wicker around a stainless steel aviation grade frame and a wooden floor,  Kevlar can be used also in tough environments like Africa

  • How tall is a hot air balloon?

    Depending on a few factors balloons can be up to 42 m tall.  some special shapes are especially tall but in general an average height would be 25m to 30m

  • How is a Hot Air Balloon steered?

    Hot Air Balloons cannot be steered! 
    Some directional control is possible by ascending or descending into air currents going in a different direction, this information is checked prior to take off be releasing a small helium balloon and checking up to date weather reports. 
    The pilot can raise or lower the hot air balloon by controlling the temperature inside the balloon