• How do they fly?

    Anywhere from 5 to 30 kilometers, depending upon wind speed and flight duration, take off location depends on the wind directions and speed around the district at the time as does the distance flown.

    Rarely do the balloons land in the same place as they take off although a few times each year the winds may allow for a "box" flight to be flown, more normally the more linear nature of the winds will take you on a journey across the countryside 

  • If I have a 1pm flight from Brisbane Airport, will I be able to go Hot Air Ballooning the same morning?

    Yes, we return you to Brisbane CBD by 10:30am, so you will have enough time to go ballooning before your afternoon flight.

  • Will we be back in Brisbane at our hotel before lunch?

    Yes you will arrive back to your hotel after ballooning and champagne breakfast at approximately 10.30am.

  • How long before I want to fly should I book?

    Due to popularity with locals as well as visitors, we suggest booking ahead, a week to 3 days is suggested and if you want a particular date, book one week to two weeks ahead. 

    Weekends on the Gold Coast and Brisbane are particularly busy and special occasions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter can also be booked out several weeks ahead

    Our live web checkout shows actual availability and can give you a guide to booking your seats

    One of the advantages of booking directly with us as the actual operators, instead of through a third party website, is that all tickets are 100% refundable and transferable and valid one year (subject to our cancellation policy).